Daily Grain Prices

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Prices are posted each day after the close of ICE Futures Market.

Please note that these prices are reported by the buyers in a broad geographical range. Growers are are advised to check with individual buyers in their local area.

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CommodityOct 20Oct 17Oct 16 
Canola (#1)$380.51-405.40$380.50-400.50$382.90-402.90View Graph

Country Elevator Buying Prices

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Canola (#1)

RegionOct 20Oct 17Oct 16 
Calgary$398.91 (393.40-404.41)$399.06 (395.50-402.61)$401.46 (397.90-405.01)View Graph
Edmonton$390.90 (390.21-391.40)$393.65 (388.50-398.29)$396.05 (390.90-400.69)View Graph
Lethbridge$391.49 (387.45-395.52)$399.14 (392.55-405.72)$401.54 (394.95-408.12)View Graph
Red Deer$398.37 (398.15-398.59)$394.80 (392.35-397.26)$397.20 (394.75-399.66)View Graph
Rycroft$389.14 (385.81-392.48)$394.94 (390.21-399.68)$397.34 (392.61-402.08)View Graph
Vegreville$391.50 (389.40-393.60)$388.15 (383.50-392.80)$390.55 (385.90-395.20)View Graph


RegionOct 20Oct 17Oct 16 
Calgary$142.89 (138.00-147.78)$140.39 (138.00-142.78)$140.39 (138.00-142.78)View Graph
Edmonton$132.50 (128.00-137.68)$129.17 (127.68-131.82)$129.17 (127.68-131.82)View Graph
Lethbridge$161.92$156.92$156.92View Graph
Red Deer$139.94 (139.17-140.71)$137.44 (135.71-139.17)$137.44 (135.71-139.17)View Graph
Rycroft$118.59 (105.36-131.82)$113.59 (95.36-131.82)$113.59 (95.36-131.82)View Graph
Vegreville$132.84 (128.00-137.68)$130.34 (128.00-132.68)$130.34 (128.00-132.68)View Graph

Yellow Peas (#2)

RegionOct 20Oct 17Oct 16 
Calgary$247.11 (246.18-248.03)$244.09 (242.00-246.18)$244.09 (242.00-246.18)View Graph
Edmonton$240.49 (232.96-248.03)$236.98 (232.96-241.00)$236.98 (232.96-241.00)View Graph
Lethbridge$244.38 (240.73-248.03)$237.37 (234.00-240.73)$237.37 (234.00-240.73)View Graph
Red Deer$240.49 (232.96-248.03)$233.98 (232.96-235.00)$233.98 (232.96-235.00)View Graph
Rycroft$235.56 (231.12-240.00)$235.56 (231.12-240.00)$235.56 (231.12-240.00)View Graph
Vegreville$243.43 (238.83-248.03)$238.92 (238.83-239.00)$238.92 (238.83-239.00)View Graph

Feed Wheat (#3 CW)

RegionOct 20Oct 17Oct 16 
Calgary$136.80 (130.60-143.00)$136.80 (130.60-143.00)$136.80 (130.60-143.00)View Graph
Edmonton$127.53 (120.40-131.18)$127.65 (120.40-131.54)$127.65 (120.40-131.54)View Graph
Lethbridge$142.84$142.84$142.84View Graph
Red Deer$138.91 (127.54-150.28)$131.75 (127.54-135.95)$131.75 (127.54-135.95)View Graph
Rycroft$137.31 (131.32-143.30)$130.15 (128.97-131.32)$130.15 (128.97-131.32)View Graph
Vegreville$130.80 (130.60-131.00)$130.80 (130.60-131.00)$130.80 (130.60-131.00)View Graph

Oats (#2, 40-42lb)

RegionOct 20Oct 17Oct 16 
Vegreville$168.59$168.59$168.59View Graph

ICE Cash Prices

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CommodityOct 20Oct 17Oct 16 
Vancouver Canola$456.10 (+48.00 vs Jan 15)$460.50 (+50.00 vs Nov 14)$462.90 (+50.00 vs Nov 14)View Graph
Lethbridge Barley$180.00 (+61.00 vs Dec 14)$180.00 (+61.00 vs Dec 14)$180.00 (+61.00 vs Dec 14)View Graph
Lethbridge Feed Wheat$176.00$175.00$175.00View Graph


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